10 Rules To Follow On Your Self Introduction | Tell Me About Yourself 10 Rules To Follow On Your Self Introduction | Tell Me About Yourself

10 Rules To Follow On Your Self Introduction | Tell Me About Yourself

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If your job is to become a data scientist, it is not only enough to do a certification and learn skills in Data Science. You are doing a certification to boost up your career, with more skills including your past experience. When you attend an interview, the interviewer see your intention, ability to understand, your eagerness to work and what not, many elements. When you want to increase your package, the company is not ready to give to a person, who is so greedy to get the money for no reason. Yes, it might be the hard truth but, our job is to convince them that you are befitted to the Job role and the package you are looking for. 

Let us see the major factors to be followed while you give your self introduction.

1. Sound enthusiastic

Give them a reason that you are really has the passion to work with them

2. Don't sound pompous

Means don't over rate yourself in this aspect

3. Tell them something over & above your resume

Dont' repeat the same information you have included in the resume, try to explain more and above your resume

4. Give proofs for your claims

For example you said, you got an award for 2 quarters in a year. But, what made you to receive this award? Explain the project you worked with and how much profit you brought to the company. Remember that the profit should be in numbers or percentages.

Always start with the most recent position and go back wards to your experience only if it's highly relevant.

5. Qualifications


6. Additional Qualifications

7. Adjectives

8. Hobbies and passions

9. Family:

Only if the interviewer stresses to tell about your family, sibblings and their details. Otherwise, just touch it and go with the next point. Cover one point to explain why are you here and what are you aspirations to become.

10. Closing Statement:

A closing statment is the most useful statement to thank the interviewer and give the best reason, that why you have applied this Job?
      a) Why are you applying this Job?
      b) Why are you right fit for this Job?
Example: With my Passion for sport and my skills of data analytics, I wish to work for a leading, innovative sports analytics company like yours and I do believe, I can make a positive impact.

End with a simple note: That's all from me, thank you!

Rules for closing statement:

1. Read the JD: Cover the maximum responsibilities here, on what they are looking for. Write down all the highlighted points and frame as a sentence, before you start with your interview.

2. Sound enthusiastic: Show that you are fit for that job and you really loved to take that responsibility.

Key tips to be remembered: 

1. Write down your introduction, and include your top selling points

2. Jot down and learn only key points

3. Limit your entire introduction to approximately one minute

4. Maintain eye contact and look confident

5. Use a story telling mode

6. Can use hand gestures (limited)

7. Sound happy


Keep your introduction short and simple including the above points and do not take more than 1 minute to give your self introduction.

The exaple of your self introuction comes as the below, if you have followed all the steps precisely.

Step 1: Good afternoon

Step  2: Thank you for shortlisting me for the interview

Step 3: My name is Mahesh

Step 4: I am a sales team leader at PQR for the past 5 years, making significant in roads into new territories, with our products.

I have worked intensely in both the rural and semi urban markets, understood the dynamic and built some strong distributor relationships 

Step 5: I am an MCA from XYZ, with a strong background in python, django and R Programming

During work breaks, I enjoy trekking and mountaining, this activtity has shown me good strategy, consistency, and determination can help you overcome any obstacle. 

Step 7: I am a person who thrives in a fast paced environment and right now I am looking for an opportunity to apply my data analytics expertise along with my creative problem solving skills to an innovative marketing company like yours.

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3 years ago

That's a great tutorial to prepare for any interview. Especially the self introduction is very hard to get prepared.