Continuing my journey additionally with new hopes
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Continuing my journey additionally with new hopes

Continuing my journey additionally with new hopes

Another Year got started and I have to be more planned from now on.

Whatever mistakes I did in the last year, I should be rectified with those mistakes. I have learned alot during my Mala this time. I would say the best time in the year is my mala.

I had a kid: Yes!!! 2018 was the best year because it was Snehil's birth year. I had another son in my life.

More conflicts got resolved. Because that I should be more planned and composed and more understanding and matured, I got to know what people are and why the hell the conflicts happned in the last few years. All it takes a moment to understand and think about others.

More things to learn this year:
I would like to take a course on Selenium and start searching jobs again in IT. Parallelly I am working on my project and soon on this month, I am going to launch my app. We know that this site's got published and gone live 2 years back.

I will always hope that this year will give me more surprises, changes and earnings from all my dreams. I wish I will do more this year.

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Weby Post Official
3 months ago

Great works will be measured by great actions and commitment. Maintain a consistency in your project and focus more on your target @maheshsharma. You will achieve more. Don't get diverted and be on your path. Don't let others to beat your confidence. Get your works done, more quickly..

Tech Mash
10 months ago

Hope you will have more fun this year. I wish your goal will get succeed this year.

Mark Zuckerberg
10 months ago

Very nice

Movie Time
11 months ago

Inspired with your journey. All the best.

Harry Potter
11 months ago

I wish, your dreams will get fulfilled this year

Harry Potter
11 months ago

Happy new year