Development and Continuity is The Key To Your Success
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Development and Continuity is The Key To Your Success

Development and Continuity is The Key To Your Success

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Multiple things will kill your time and thinking. Put a single goal and hunt for that, work on it and do whatever you can do to achieve that goal. Make sure that you got all the properties available around you.

Post articles continuously on
Below are the topics to be posted frequently

1. Excel Tips

2. Blogging Tips

3. Web Development Tips

4. AJAX, JQUERY and PHP tutorials

and other software development courses.

Comment your progress on this post.

From today I've decided to do a multitasking on my Goal, Job, Project and my dream Job.

I've decided to learn Selenium software course, which helps me to get into IT industry. I have already positioned in Quality auditor role. Going forward, I want to develop my skills under software testing. For that, I have chosen Selinium Testing.

There are many tools to be learnt. It is the Gateway for me to enter into a challenging IT industry. Later I would concentrate on Development and coding. These days, I got a good and enough knowledge on PHP, going forward I would concentrate on software testing courses. For that I should improve my knowledge on JAVA / J2EE. However the course is hard to learn. Even if it is hard, I should learn it quickly and move fast to acheive my dream Job and to work on my dream project too.


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Mahesh Sharma
one year ago

Things are moving forward and I can send the vibes

Coding Tips
one year ago

Hope you will achieve your dreams soon..