How To Control Your Negativity With Your Powerful Thoughts

How To Control Your Negativity With Your Powerful Thoughts

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Yes I have been trying to get out of many negetive thoughts from days back. I got hurt with my school friends when I was a kid. I got hurt with my teacher when I have not done my home work. I got hurt with my father when he beat me hard. I got hurt with my sibblings when they fought with me for small things.

Slowly things made me fedup and created some negetive impact on my life. I was worried and don't know how to take my revange on the people those who hurted me all the way.

Maturity is everything:

When I grew up, I mean not that big age but a bit matured, I slowly understood the people around me. Mother, Father and Teacher plays important roles in our life, they build our life. They gave a meaning to our life that why should we live for others? Life is not about living for ourself, we have born to make others happy.

Then I realized that, it is not mandate that every person in life are born to give you respect every time.

Respect is some thing you should gain rather than looking for it or asking someone



But it is not so easy to realize this truth. I have suffered a lot. I hated a lot. People betrayed me for small things and I started hating them for a reason and for no reason. But for every emotion, there should be a reason. People will not hate us every time; They will never hurt us wantedly. There might be few reasons they want to hurt us. With my experience, I found some reasons that why do people hurt us. Let's have a look in to that.

1. They want to teach us some thing

2. People doesn't bare our success and want to put us down

3. May be they want to make us grow more

4. People might take that assurance from you that you will never hurt with any words

5. May be they want to teach you something

About the last point, there would be two perceptions we should look into, especially. One thing is, people want to teach you a lesson because, once they got hurt with your words or actions. (May be they want to take a revenge). indecision

The second case is, may be people don't want to spoil you with praisings. Because once you got addicted for praisings, you will become a praise dependent. So people hurt you to continue the burning desires in you.

Experience makes you strong


So slowly I understood the cycle of negetivity. We will get the negativity because people hurt us. People hurt us because they might got hurt from you before.

On and whole the solution for this negetivity is, look everything as a choice to resolve. Rather than looking a small thing as a problem. Later after realizing the actual behavious of humans, I mean the people around us, I started adjusting with them and tried to understand them more.

Life is not about acheiving people. It is to compromise yourself to acheive their gratitude and look everything positive. 


So these are the points got in my mind and going forward. I would like to update this post for more information to acheive your negativity to convert yourself to positive.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Best quotes these are! Thanks for posting.

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2 years ago

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3 years ago

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