. Kanban knowledge base
Data Science[Oct-12-2023]    

Kanban knowledge base

Kanbanize is a Kanban platform for agile project management with which you break down your projects and visualize them into multiple levels of hierarchy.

Kanbanize helps managers and team members to visualize their work processes and get things done quickly and efficiently. It enables all stakeholders to see the big picture and be aware of the overall work progress at all levels. The software is embedded with powerful analytics tools and business rules of automation to facilitate your everyday work with the system.

The aim of this document is to show how Kanbanize supports work at all levels in the organization.
Before you start with Kanbanize, it is recommended that your PM organizes training for the collaborating teams so that each member is introduced to the key Kanban principles.

The training must include a review of the boards in the account and the respective workflows.

Once everyone is familiar with the process, they would be able to work and suggest changes that will move every team in a positive direction.