KGF 2 Teaser Released after Leak - Yash's KGF2 Teaser Review KGF 2 Teaser Released after Leak - Yash's KGF2 Teaser Review

KGF 2 Teaser Released after Leak - Yash's KGF2 Teaser Review

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KGF 2 teaser released on 7th of January'2021 Thursday, after a mere leak by unknown people. The teaser was set to release on Friday at 10:16 am to mark the 35th birthday celebration of Yash, who is the star of the franchise. Hero Yash himself announced the teaser leaking report. Later, the whole film unit has decided to release the teaser, one day before it's fixed date.

Finally KGF2 teaser released, without any expectations or waiting, but reached all the expectations after the release. It's like the whole some bunch of elements mixed with in the teaser, introducing the characters, one by one. It is known the the whole film runs with an emotional journey with the main Character Rocky and his mother. The teaser started with the same emotional promise given by the Rocky character to his mother.

And, it follows with the first part, on how rocky learnt to become rich to reach his ultimate goal.

Movie follows with the narration, the powerful people come from powerful places.

Adheera - Sanjay Dutt

Although, it's not a direct introduction but, a few shots included the main characters. Adheera character, acted by Sanjay Dutt and Ramika Sen character, acted by Raveena Tandon. 

Raveena Tandon - Ramika Sen

Srinidhi Shetty - KGF2

The teaser ends with the notation, "Powerful people make places powerful"

Hero Rocky blasts with a missile gun and lights his cigarette from the gun's lit is the incredible shot of the teaser. Undoubtedly, the teaser impressed the fans and increased the expectations from the director Neel, not only KGF2 but on his up coming projects like Salaar.

KGF 2 Official Teaser Release from Homable Films:

Comment your thoughts on the teaser and your favorite shot.

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Yes it's the record level views

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135 plus million views with 6.5 million likes.. this is incredible for any south India or a Pan Indian movie. I think it's the world record.