Make This Year Wonderful With More Targets And Achievements

Make This Year Wonderful With More Targets And Achievements

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Another year has completed like a thunderstorm. Targets and Achievements are part of life. It was like a small journey for me and I wish the year should be pretty long. Because I had many memorable things in 2018. The whole year went well and I have completed most of my project work and got an idea that I can make it public with an android app for the best content sharing. Now I got an idea that the site could survive to share people's profiles, pictures, albums and interact with each other. Another challenging thing on the site is, improving the part of the article with which the option got very less importance on other social networking giants like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. I would love to post on other social forums but I want to take this as a challenge that building great content from Weby Post Users.

Move Fast with Your Targets and Achievements

This year's target is to fulfill all the modules which I have planned on ASANA, and make the site live with all the best features and best experience.

Understand the People needs

The communication medium is the main source for the people who have to send and receive information in terms of articles, pictures, and profiles. The best way to make any site popular is by understanding their needs and fulfill it by different modules. In my view, a product or service can become popular only by creating a product which helps the people. Either a product should entertain the people, given a piece of information to people with best Search Engine optimization.


When collecting the user's data, the site is responsible for maintaining their privacy. Although it can't encrypt the whole data, the site should maintain all the ISMS policies without any breach.

Reliable and Easy to Connect

Although it's not the replication of the Facebook, webypost should be the one-stop for user info, topics info, business info and any sought of question that user searches on the search engine. People can share their albums and info publicly with smart SEO inbuilt within the site. No hassle and extra SEO should be done by the users.

Best Place to share your short and long articles

Articles are the main sources to communicate and express our thoughts with the people. Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium are the biggest giant blogging system in the market today. I wish webypost should be the best source to publish the articles for their Business and Daily Journal.

Webypost helps to write the daily based journey with your pictures.

Asana the best tool to track my project

I'm gonna add more people to my project and Asana is the best tool, which reminds me to complete the modules on time. All I have to do is, should move fast and make the things possible on time. I have to create a team (At least a developer with same thoughts) to move the project further. I have to be matured enough to handle this without any hassle going forward.


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Mahesh Sharma
8 months ago

Wrote this article exactly 6 months back. Many changes happened and don't know how it will is going to be in future.