These Planting Trees Gives You All the Easy way To Plant Trees Faster

These Planting Trees Gives You All the Easy way To Plant Trees Faster

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Why Seed Balls Work In dry areas, the shape of the ball actually gives enough shade to conserve moisture. The seeds begin to germinate and the ball breaks apart. The small pile of crumbles provides the start for the root system, but is still heavy enough to anchor the emerging seeds to the ground. The small leaves of the new plants provide enough shade for the soil to conserve more moisture. The plants then mature and produce their own seeds and provide shelter once the second generation seeds fall to the ground. The seeding and regrowth continues until complete plant cover is achieved. Making seed balls gives nature the extra boost it needs to make things right.


How to Make Seed Balls Learning how to make seed balls is a great activity for kids. It’s fun, easy to do and can be easily adapted to the environmental needs of the community. The seed ball recipe can be altered simply by changing the seeds. Want to plant wildflowers along a rural highway? How to make flower seed balls is no different than how to make a native plant seed ball. Change the seeds to bird seed and you’ve got the ingredients for a bird food garden in the suburbs. Turn a vacant city lot into a wonderland of grasses, cosmos and zinnias. Let your kid’s imaginations run wild.



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2 years ago

Great ways to plant trees :)