WebyPost Status Updates and Articles For the Users WebyPost Status Updates and Articles For the Users

WebyPost Status Updates and Articles For the Users

  WebyPost Official[Updated on:Nov-21-2017]      |  Reading Time: About 4 minutes

Webypost is ready with all brand new features. People can post thier status updates, youtube video links, popular links accross the web, and profile information on the site. The most reliable option for every user is to post their stories and daily journals, with easy options.

The main goal of webypost, is to write your journal, connect with your friends and share awesome posts you read on multiple websites and blogs and on webypost too.

WebyPost is useful, to connect known/unknown people across your network. You got to maintain your profile to be visible to your followers,.


Update Your WebyPost Status:

People can update their status on home page and profile page. As of now, users could upload one picture per post. Going forward the site should contain an option to upload multiple photos, at a time as an Album.

Post Youtube links, which you may feel informative:

Now, it's easy to share your favorite youtube videos on webypost. People who follows you, could see your feed and react with your videos.

Are you a YOUTUBER?, then it's time to upload your videos and share youtube links on webypost.


Youtube posts on your followers feed


You can share links:

If you are a professional blogger, & if you have to share your post links with your connections, then you could simply paste the link with description. All your followers can easily see your links and clicks to see your blog posts.

Profile information:

All your profile information would be used in side webypost only. And this information will not be used for any third party products or services.

Simply use edit profile option, to share your Bio, name, website link and to update your profile picture, cover picture, date of birth and user name.

Visit editor profile menu->edit profile, to update all your information.


Private Posts:

If you feel that your posts should be seen only you, you could select post as private option. Only you can see the posts and photos, once after you post those on your profile feed. Your private posts will not be visible any where,on search engines feed and weby feed.

Draft your posts:

Did you get something on your mind? What if you want to post it later?

You can simply draft your ideas and save the post as draft. Go to profile menu - > Drafts option, to see all your saved drafts.

Simply post your draft ,once after you feel that the drafted post is perfect to publish.


Do follow our page -> webypost.com/webypost, for frequent updates about the social networking site webypost.com.

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Bloggers Choice
3 years ago

Webypost is the one stop for all type of categorical content to find here and share between cross platforms. Beauty about the site is, it's google friendly and informative for many to segregate the topics between multiple profiles.

I myself able to post stories and share on multiple platforms with google and facebook friendly.

Mahesh A
3 years ago

Keep checking this space for more updates. You can find our new link for Blog to find the help articles.

Coding Tips
6 years ago

Very helpful to post our articles with ease.. Love posting on https://webypost.com

Weby Post Official
6 years ago

All comments are accepted. Post your opinions

Mahesh Sharma
7 years ago

Very nice information about the site